Restored files appear corrupted

Hi, I’m new user in this forum but I’m using Urbackup since 4 years. Today, I had a big problem.

I’ve no error during backup and I’m able to restore folders but when we want to use the restored files, many of them seem corrupted (pdf, ods…). Most of the time, it seems that small file have no problem.
I’m using Urbackup Server 2.4.12 and the client is installed on Mac OS.
I’ve run the following command as root :

urbackupsrv verify-hashes -v <backup_client>

Many of hash show as… Wrong…

Is it possible to fix this problem ?

Tks in advance for your help.


Thanks that you added the information about the client running on MacOS…
There was an issue with the MacOS client running on APFS that fits your symptoms. That issue was fixed relatively fast. A search might show you which mac client versions were affected.

Thanks for your reply uroni :), if I understand after searching on the forum, it will be impossible to restore files there are in my Urbackup Server because it seems only metadata ?
I have to restore an entire folder… and so the source files are no longer available now.

Yeah, it is basically empty files. Are you sure this is the problem? (that the hashes are wrong doesn’t fit, but if the client version is affected and the client is using APFS then it’s the problem)

Thx uroni. I have to check the client version and check the Mac FS.
All the files are not affected by this symptom, but that sounds like the APFS issue.

The versions are the following:

Mac OS High sierra 10.13.6
UB client 2.0.36