Restoration very slow


I installed urbackup on a new server in the network and I try to do a restoration on a xenserver (I tested this before on another xenserver with success).
Everything is found and works but restoration is so slow, going from 0 to 1 % took about 10 minutes or so.
The data is 25 GB in total and the backup from the client to urbackup went fast.
All urbackup software is from the latest downloads and the performance counters on xenserver for this client are ok and speed is between 30 and 45 mbit/sec so the percentage of the restoration should be faster.
On the URBackup server (windows 7), network utilization is between 5 and 25 percent (I am also copying files from another server to this server but I don’t believe that can make this restoration so slow).
any idea what this could be ?

thanks, Verus.

I think it is showing the progress compared to the whole volume.
I.e. If you have 1TB volume of which only 25GB are used it shows how much it already copied where 1TB is 100%. Because it skips unused blocks it may then finish halfway through.

I just looked and it may be possible to change this…

ok thanks.
at one point it was suddenly on 100%.

Hi Guys
I didnt not find this to be that case. back up took 2 hours and restoration was 50% at 2hours +
image size was 40gb.

Are their any settings i can apply to speed up restoration / make changes to backup settings process ?


I can confirm that this is the case. If the drive is 1tb and you are using 100GB then it would slowly go to 1%-10% and then suddenly jump to 100% for a few minutes before saying the restore is complete. I have restored a lot of drives and have not seen it work any different. Maybe this is just an old thread and I’m wasting my time though. :slight_smile: