Requisitos a la hora de armar el sevidor

Hola compañeros,
Me gustaria saber que tipo de procesadores utilizan, cuanto de memoria RAM y que tamaño son ideales para tener un servidor optimo.

Saludos desde Argentina!


I’d dare to say that the forum is english only and you will get a lot more responses if you post in English :slight_smile:

As for your questions, disk io seems to be the killer for urbackup - you need lots ! followed by CPU and then memory. The memory appears to be more used by the system cache:

# free -m
              total        used        free      shared  buff/cache   available
Mem:           7977        1421         145           0        6410        6252
Swap:          1906          36        1870 

IO Usage:

avg-cpu:  %user   %nice %system %iowait  %steal   %idle
          10.46    2.33    8.65   57.38    0.00   21.18

Hope that helps !

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Oh - this also assumes you have enough network bandwidth :smiley:

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