[Request] Some New Mixed Ideas

I’ve Thinked About Some Addition In WebInterface If You Don’t Mind:


  1. Add A Gif Image With Sysem Icon In Operating System Column

  2. Actually There Are Four Different Jobs We Can Chose For:

  1. Incremental file backup
  2. Full file backup
  3. Incremental image backup
  4. Full image backup

It Will Be Nice To Have Also Other Two Jobs:

  1. Incremental USB backup
  2. Full USB backup

For Make A Backup Of All USB/Devices Key Inserted On The Machines…


  1. In The Button Colum Now There Is Only The STOP Button It Will Be Nice To Add Also A PAUSE / RESUME Button So I Can Suspend The Compression And Resume If Necessary Mabye Because Sometimes I Need Full Lan Bandwidth And I Don’t Want To Stop Them And Restart From Scratch…

  2. Also In The Action Colum Will Be Nice To Have The Drive Indication Of The Actual Device For Example

Full image backup Will Be Full image backup [E:]

  1. Also The Computer Name Column Will Be Nice To Have It All Uppercased As The Folder Name Where The Images Are Saved…


  1. On Images backups > Volumes to backup: Ability To Specify USB_ONLY As A Parameter So We Can Make A Fast Backup Of All Conected USB Keys/Devices Or Schedule It As A New Job…