Release of UrBackup Client 0.36 and UrBackup Server 0.22

-Windows version of UrBackup Server
-Lots of bugfixes
-New settings: Backup window, max number of simultaneous backups, max number of active clients, autoupdate clients
-New detailed status page. Allows manually adding clients

Detailed Changelog:


* Changed default incremental file backup interval  
* Sanitize JSON input against XSS attacks  
* Delete files properly when hardlinking fails  
* Fixed several bugs in connection with account rights  
* Added detailed client status  
* Allow manually adding clients via IP or hostname  
* Allow setting backup window  
* Fixed 64bit compilation errors  
* New options: Backup window, max number of simultaneous backups, max number of active clients  
* Improved image error handling (when not enough space on server)  
* Use select boxes instead of links for clients in statistics and settings  
* Make client autoupdate configurable  
* Removed diff dependency. Use own tree diff algorithm  
* Warn if backup folder is inaccessible  
* Additional error states if backup folder is not available  
* Fixed a bug where the server deleted min_file_full incremental backups  
* Priorized removal of backups of clients which have old backups  
* Fixed directory removal on filesystem whose readdir doesnot return d_type  
* Stop backup if shadow copy is deleted  
* Made backupfolder setting dynamic  


* Optimized Change Journal Watcher and fixed bug where the real directory is accessed instead of the shadow copy (in rare cases)  
* Use backup semantics to backup files the backup server normally does not have the right to access  
* Fixed wrong replay order, wrong start USN after reindex and forced writing lastUSN after reindex  
* Fixed several deadlocks if one changes the directories to be backed up while indexing is in progress  
* Added pre filebackup hook  
* If the windows change journal does not work the client will rescan the backup directories now  

You should update. Your settings and previous backups will be preserved, of course.