Regarding Restore Backup

In Urbackup 2.4 version how to restore backup, as there is no option or button for restore.
Kindly Help.

Have you checked out the Restoring Backups section of the manual? -

You will probably need to provide a bit more information like what OS your client is running on, are you restoring to the same or different machine? Are you restoring an image or a file or multiple files?

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I have checked Restoring Backup Section but What I understood is that there should be Restore button when there was 2.0 version of urbackup, and somthings I did not understand.

Actually I have 2 VM’s on one there is my urbackup server, and on other there is my urbackup client ( Both on Linux ) and I just tried for Full File backup.

One more thing for client there is no GUI available I think, only I can see CLI.

That’s correct, there is no GUI for linux.

Has the full file backup worked? Can you post screenshots from the server Web UI when you go to Backups > Click Client > Click the “backup time” entry

You need to provide a bit more information so we can help you. We can’t see what you see on your screens.

Yes Full Backup Worked.
I am attaching Screenshot in PDF format [UrBackup server.pdf|attachment] for the same.
Please provide guidance on it.
UrBackup server.pdf (12.4 KB)