Redirected Restores


I’ve been testing UrBackup and one thing would like to see is redirected restores. This is actual two features. The first is to redirect to another folder on the same client. I.e. restore files and folders to C:\RestoredFiles.

The second is to redirect to another client altogether. I.e. restore files from Server A to Server B. Also with the option to redirect the restore to another folder.

I realize that the download backup from the web option takes care of a lot of use cases, but there is a file limit of 4GB for this. This is issue when trying to get a copy of large database for example.

If there is a way around this, I would be interested to know.




You can do that if you restore using the client (there is a map to and map from option), but please make a few try and read the doc well before posting for help using the client.

If you restore from the web ui via the client, you can not chose the destination, but you re not limited to 4gb.

The 4gb limitation is only because of zip files and is supposedly fixed in recent versions (maybe need beta)

Maybe @uroni can add a .tgz option? I guess it’ll work better

It’s possible if you restore via command line. Haven’t tried it on Windows, though. (--map-to and --map-from)

Thanks for the responses, I’ll give it a try.

I did a text search for “redirect” in the documentation and searched the forum and didn’t find anything. It is a terminology mismatch, so that is expected.

The documentation might need to be updated, I just had a look through the online administration manual and I can’t find a reference to the map-to/map-from options. Also it still mentions the 4Gb limitation for a web restore.

Thanks again.