Question about URBackup and nWindows 10

I have a number of Windows 10 systems on my URBackup server and they all get the same error message " **Error getting complete file “xnGHGnL9LJBdK7fyyymu|C/Users/ceverlith/AppData/Local/Microsoft/WindowsApps/MicrosoftEdge.exe” from PRACTICE-ADMIN. Errorcode: CANNOT_OPEN_FILE (3)" when performing file backups.

I suspect this is a temp file but I am not sure. If it is, I would like to exclude it from the backups.

Any Ideas?



How to exclude files and folders is explained in the FAQ

I also get the same error messages when I try to URBackup to my Hp Support windows 10 laptop I am also finding the solution to this issue can anyone guide me properly.

I got tired of all the edge errors as well.
I even went as far as removing edge, but still got them.

Eventually I just added this to Exclusions: C:\Users*\AppData*
No more errors.

That would e.g. exclude E-Mail and browser storage plus who knows what. I’d recommend an exclude like: