Question about sleeping servers and clients

I just installed UrBackup. One of my household computers has nearly a terabyte to back up via LAN. With other backup software (many different versions), it failed to complete for a myriad of reasons. Say what you will about Windows File History, but it was pretty robust in starting where it left off.

So, here’re my questions, will UrBackup pick up where it left off after an interruption such as server or client sleep or shutdown or LAN disconnect? Will the type of backup (full/differential/incremental) make a difference?

I found this in the admin guide, but it only addresses what happens if the client goes offline: “If the client goes offline during the backup and the backup is incremental the server continues creating hard links to files in the previous backup but does not try to download files again. The files that could not be downloaded are then not saved into the server side file list. If the backup is a full one and the client goes offline the backup process is interrupted and the partial file list is saved, which includes all files downloaded up to this point.” This seems to indicate the backup will continue when the client is reconnected and the backup is due in accordance with the schedule. Is that correct?