Problem connecting internet clients

I have installed UrBackup on a Server 2012R2 instance, forwarded the appropriate ports (UDP and TCP) from the outside and have confirmed that I can ping the server from the remote client. I can also access the webpage on “”. When I put in “” on the remote client though, it just says that it “Could not connect to the internet server. Server unreachable.”

Does UrBackup expect more in the address of the internet server? “” perhaps? Is there something I am missing here?

Update: I just tried with IP address, in case it was a DNS issue somehow, and still nothing.

There is a separate field for the port? Perhaps you did not use it. (i.e. server is only

Nope. It is filled out. It is pre-configured when you install.

To clarify, the IP address/URL portion has the URL in it in the form “” and the port number is listed as 55415.

Any other ideas?

I figured it out. Apparently my ISP blocks high number ports. I changed the firewall to 8888 and changed it appropriately in the UrBackup software and now everything is working as it should.

I still do not have a successful backup of any internet clients. In the logs on one I have this:

22.10.14 07:46  	WARNING  	During getting MBR: Dynamic volumes are not supported. It may work with mirrored whole disk volumes though. Volume: 'C:'
23.10.14 04:01  	ERROR  	FATAL: Error writing to VHD-File.
23.10.14 04:01  	ERROR  	FATAL ERROR: Could not write to VHD-File
23.10.14 04:01  	INFO  	Transferred 86.9522 GB - Average speed: 10.2425 MBit/s
23.10.14 04:01  	ERROR  	FATAL: Writing failed after cleanup
23.10.14 04:01  	INFO  	Time taken for creating image of client ITI Zeus: 20h 15m 24s
23.10.14 04:01  	ERROR  	Backup failed
23.10.14 04:01  	WARNING  	Exponential backoff: Waiting at least 2h 40m before next image backup
23.10.14 04:06  	INFO  	Starting full file backup...

In another I have this error message that I find perplexing:

23.10.14 18:15  	INFO  	Transferred 22.7157 GB - Average speed: 2.19398 MBit/s
23.10.14 18:15  	DEBUG  	Script does not exist urbackup\post_incr_filebackup.bat

It is perplexing because none of the client installs that I have done include a “post-incr-filebackup.bat.” Am I missing something? All help is much appreciated.

Can you have a look at the server log file ?

Have you disabled the image compression while enabling NTFS compression?

Image backup format is standard VHD. Is the setting that you are talking about “Compressed Transfer” under the “Internet” tab? NTFS compression is enabled on the drive that backups are saved to, in addition to data dedup on that volume. Is there anything else I should be looking at?

You have to either set it to VHDZ, reduce the image sizes or disable the NTFS compression. See here Is it possible to have 2 classes of backups? for the reason

Image sizes can not really be changed. So if I want to not use VHDZ, I have to disable NTFS compression. I assume you mean on the server? Or does it have to be disabled on the client?

I have disabled NTFS compression on the backup target server. It will take a little while for everything to uncompress. Does it make a difference that local clients that backup over the LAN are not having issues? Are there any guidelines for configuring a server out there that I can look over?

As mentioned in the Microsoft blog post ( ) there is no fixed size with which NTFS compression does not work anymore. So perhaps the clients for which it works do not have large compressible files and have small or incompressible image backups.

Fair enough. Thank you for your help. NTFS compression takes a while to decompress everything. I will let you know how it goes when I get everything back up and going.

I started off with a clean slate by moving everything that I wanted to keep off of that volume and just reformatting it without NTFS compression. I have one client that has successfully backed up now over the internet, so everything appears to be working. Thank you again for your help and all the work that you have put into UrBackup.

I do have one thing that pops up on occasion though, on some of the clients if you click “Status” on the system tray icon it says, “There was an error. Nothing can currently be backed up.” The clients will still back up properly, so it is only a minor annoyance. Do you have any idea how to fix this issue, or anything I might be doing that is causing it?