Permissions Issue when using ZFS

I have set up urbackup on ubuntu 16.04 with ZFS as directed in the docs.

I have 3 zfs datasets: tank/urbackup for urbackup files
tank/urbackup_files for file backups
tank/urbackup_images for image files

Everything works correctly. (took a lot of time and digging till I found the little tidbit about having to specify raw copy on write for image file format in order to get image backup to work with ZFS. This really should be added to the docs asap…I think that was requested several years ago.)

Anyway, I changed the user to root for urbackupserver as indicated in the docs.

I would like to share out each users file backups over samba so they can self-serve restores.

I have the samba file share set up and it works.

However, urbackup files cannot be accessed over the network due to permissions set by urbackup.

It looks like urbackup is creating folders with correct permissions (user root group root with permissions 755) but backup image and data files have user root group root but permissions 750 which prevents “regular” users from even read access over samba.

Is this a bug, or how do I fix this?

figured it out. just need to force user root on the share