Perform only full image backup

Hi all,

(sorry for my english)
I have installed a server UrBackup 2.3.7 on an ubuntu server 16LTS.
I want to perform only full image backup of a dozen of computers (W7 clients) once a week (during saturday or sunday), clients are installed with latest client (2.4.8).
In general settings : I checked the box “Do not do file backups”
I’ve created a group and applied following configuration for image backup :
“Interval for incremental image backups : 14” (no incremental, so > to full image interval)
“Interval for full image backups : 7” (1 backup a week)
“Maximum number of incremental image backups : 0” (no incremental)
“Minimum number of incremental image backups : 0” (no incremental)
“Maximal number of full image backups: 2” (max 2 backups)
“Minimal number of full image backups : 2” (at least 1 backup)
“Backup window for full image backups : 6-7/0.24” (want to backup to occur only on Week-End)

Does it seems correct to you?
Sadely, that does not do the job…
For exemple, I’ve forced a backup the 3rd of oct, we are the 17, and no full image backup have occured (the computer was up and running).

Thank’s for your help.

Check you have the window 6-7/0-24 rather than the 6-7/0.24 given in the post above.