Only a day a week Nightly Clean

Nightly Clean does not respect time windows, i’ve tried 2-3h a day, reducing copies and it just doesnt stop when it should

I’ve recieved too many calls because the copies are not done when they should

So, nuclear option: what would happened if i make clean-ups only a day a week? Saturday 0-24

Urbackup seems to start on time but, oh well…

My experience has been once the Nightly Cleanup begins, it doesn’t stop until it has been completed. We have over 100 machines backing up on our server and to accommodate the time I have changed my schedule to backup Monday - Friday 0-24, and then on Friday at midnight to Sunday midnight no backups are allowed and the cleanup occurs. This seems to have helped my situation. Our server is configured for internet backups only, we have no machines on a local network being backed up.

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