One Server in 2 networks


I have a server in my ethernet network, my clients are connected in ethernet, wifi or VPN.

Currently, my client image backup is just in the ethernet network but many people only use Wifi

I would like to allow image backup on the wifi network too, but not in the VPN.

I need a second network card in the Wi-Fi network?
I need iptables rules?

Thanks for your help


Hello @Erick

To my knowledge, there is no difference between WIFI, VPN, 4G, LAN etc… in urbackup global settings, you ether allow image backup through internet client or you don’t. You can always use custom settings per clients.

You could set an iptbale rule to forbid access from the VPN ip address but backups would not work through your VPN (files and images).

That’s all I know about. Hope you get a better view of how urbackup works.


Hello @Kabush,

Thanks for your response but I realized that my explanation may not be very clear.

I currently have my server that is on the same LAN network as my PCs, I backup the files and images of PCs when they are connected in LAN, but when they are connected in Wifi for example, they are considered as part of an “external” network the network of the server since the IP range is not the same, just like in VPN.

Now, I would like to be able to save the images of the PCs in wifi but that in Wifi, I don’t want them to be able to do image backup when they are in VPN.

Thanks for your help