Old backup not recognized

I did some research and wasn’t able to come up with any solutions that worked.

I’ll try to make this quick and simple.

This is a hobbyist implementation so it is by no means perfect. I have tested the configuration and it works as intended… or so I thought.
Urbackup is running in a VM on a Proxmox host with a mounted share to my FreeNAS box.
I have a friend who is using the Urbackup client which I customized to allow one full backup and one incremental backup from there intending for him to do a preliminary full backup, then increment on that each time he makes changes to the files he wants backed up which would theoretically overwrite the old ones on the Urbackup server. This may or may not be setup correctly and I’d appreciate help with that if it is not, but it’s not my real issue.

The real issue is that after he finished the full backup and I saw ~450GB saved on my server, he has since incremented two times. When he logs into the Urbackup web gui, he can only see his incremental backups – not the full data store. I also cannot see the entirety of the backup through the web gui. When I search the files through CLI, I can see ~330GB backed up which, apparently, Urbackup cannot see even though they haven’t been touched since the full backup completed. In addition, this 330GB is not the full 450GB I saw initially.

My questions are this: Did something happen? Why can’t myself or my user see the full backup of data? Does this have to do with how the client was set up?

Any additional information or help is greatly appreciated.