# of incrementals

Maybe it’s in the docs, but I couldn’t find it…

What exactly does “max # of incremental file backups” mean?

if i have settings set for 100 incremental file backups, 1 a day, and 10 fulls, one every 60 days, does that mean I get 100 incrementalss in total over ALL full backups (in other words, incrementals start getting deleted after 100 days), or is it 100 incrementals per full backup (ie 1000 incrementals in total) in which case incrementals don’t start getting deleted till after 10x60 days??? The docs should be updated to make this clearer…

And when incrementals are deleted are ALL incrementals associated with (the oldest) full backup deleted, or just the latest incemental from the oldest full?


My understanding is that it is the total number of incremental file/image backups for a given system (which can be configured at a group level, but still only relates to an individual system’s backups) and is per type of backup…

To clarify what I’m saying:

  • Server1 has up to a total of incremental file backups
  • Server2 is in the same group, and can also have up to that same total number of incremental file backups specified in the group
    ** Server2 also has up to another number of incremental image backups, based on what the group’s settings are
    ** It doesn’t matter how many incremental backups either server has, it doesn’t have any impact on the other server
  • The same principle goes for full backups, it is counted per server/system, and per type - full/incremental and file/image are four different counters, and each a separate counter for each client

When it comes to deletions, I believe that it deletes the oldest incremental and then the next oldest incremental, as long as it has enough to cover the minimum specified incrementals for that system - based on either the individual client’s settings, or the group if it has been added to a UrBackup group…

That same principle is how it deletes full backups, and applies to both file and image backups…all dependent on the client/group settings…


Hope that makes sense…?