No remote access to the web interface

I hope someone can help. I am running 1.4.7 on win2008 with several local and 3 remote clients. everything has been running well for many months until recently.
The first issue I noticed was that I have no access to the Web Interface. I could log on locally to the web interface. The local backups were still running but the remote backups have stopped.
I have tried upgrading to 1.4.8 unsuccessfully.

I have checked and disabled the windows firewall which made no difference. The local web interface comes up on and shows no problems. There are no logs created for the remote jobs that have not happened.

Any guidance or suggestion gratefully received.


Right, well. I’m ashamed to be in IT… We have replaced our router and the static mapping for the server ip has gone… say no more. IP changed, fault found, and resolved.