No recent backup not failled for servers with no backup scheduled


If i turn power off a server but want to keep the backups for some time.
I put it into a “disabled server” group with all backup schedulled so that i can still restore from it, but it doesn t try to backup.

This is seen as a “no recent backup”, hence an alert, but it s normal.

Could this notion be changed like 2 failed backup in a row, or 48h since the last time it was supposed to backup. Instead of 48h from the last successful backup?

You can change that with 2.2.x

Thanks, i thought this was only for mail alert and not the status page.
I gotta try that at home.


This is with 2.2.11
Some disabled servers shows up as no recent backup, when in fact all their backups are disabled
Meanwhile, some server shows a correct status.

(The screenshot is actually a few screenshots of different lines (i kept whole lines) stitched together to show different working/not working situations)


I also noticed that if i alook at the same clients from the two servers, it shows different status.