No files are backed up

I feel stupid. I downloaded the software and installed it and am so impressed with it’s capability and how easy it sets up. It fired off right away and imaged a bunch of my computers.

However, I can’t get the “file backup” to backup files. It runs and the logs show it, but it isn’t backing up anything. The logs just say “1 min” and “0 bytes” of used storage.

In the “default directories to backup” I have put: c:\users;c:\documents and settings so on my win 7 and XP computers all the users directories would be backed up. Included and Excluded files are empty. I am testing on a bunch of XP workstations that only have one partition.

What am I doing wrong here? I just downloaded it a month or so ago. I am using version 1.4.8 Rev. 7488416019 on a Windows XP desktop.

Thanks for your help. I am very excited about the powerful possibilities for this software.


It stops backups if one of the folders is not present. You should see that in the logs, though.

I would just use C:\documents and settings. On Windows 7 that links to c:\users and UrBackup handles the link correctly.

Thanks. I will give that a try.

Not having any luck. Some of my Win 7 computers don’t have a c:\Documents and Settings or c:\Users folder as I moved the user folder to a different partition.

How do we handle this?

It seems to be a huge issue if the backup stops when it can’t find one folder. Is this going to be fixed/changed? I would think it would be great to have it continue that way multiple paths can be added to the “default directories to backup” option.

See here on how to handle that Save ALL : constructing of filelist failed (index/shadowcopy problem)

Edit: Of course with your original setting files will be backed up twice on some computers. It will store the file data only once, though.