Newbee with a lot of questions


Iam a totaly newbee with urbackup.

It looks very intesting to me as it not using network shares on the client side so ransom viruses should have a hard time when trying to destroy backups.

But I have also problems and questions.

I have read that Image Backups are onyl recommended for the boot drive for the other drives filebackup is recommended. Why?

I installed the server on a proxmox virtualised machine running debian buster my backup strore is an nfs share.

I am testing with a win 10 virtualised client.

That didn’t work good at first. I had to set firewall exceptions and defendee exceptions first. Otherwise backups didn’t complete and failed.

What I didn’t understand is how to schedule backups. For instance I want to run an incremental image Backup every day except on friday. On friday a complete imagebackup should run. All backups should start an 10.00 pm. They should be kept for two weeks and then the oldest should be deleted.

I have no idea how to set this up. Am I missing documentation? Please tell me what I should read or please give me an example.

Another question I have regards the setup of the client. I don’t want filebased backups. Is it ok to set the schedules in the client to 0?

Some times the server does not start a backup when I try to start it from the client. I can’ figure out why.

A lot of questions thank you very much for ylour help!