Network ip range changed, not all clients reconnected to server

I changed the network ip range from 10.25.0.x to 192.168.8.x

the server has both IPs configured vía alias over Ubuntu 12.04

the clients were moved from one IP address to the 192.x but not all clients reconnected.
some of the windows clients just required the reinstallation of the client 1.3.1 but some of them never returned.
I uninstalled, wait the 5 minutes, reinstall, but didn’t work.
Removed the clients from the server to “start over” but they never were detected on the client side, just said “no copies” when you put the cursor over.
the logs do not said anything else too.
the /var/log/urbackup.log do not mention the hostname of the client (looking for errors)
Changed the hostname of 1 windows client and reinstalled the client, but still no connect.
I added a new client today and it worked right away.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance