Need to backup Virtual machines with more than 2 TB drive size

I have installed Urbackup Server on Ubuntu 16.04 with scale-out storage of around 50 TB capacity and I have few virtual machines and physical machines with drive size of 4 TB each, They are combination of Windows and Linux virtual machines.

I would like to do image backup of those 4TB drives using urbackup but according to the website and web interface, I have only option for VHD and VHDz which only supports 2 TB.

I cannot use zfs (not scalable) or btrfs (performance issues) as they are not suitable for my use case

Is there a way I can do image backup of drives more than 2 TB on storage which has filesystem XFS or ext4?

Kiran Ranjane


Urbackup wont do image backup on linux anyway. And at 4tb, i don’t think that s what you want (even with other backup solutions, or they’d have to be very good/expensive to that smartly).
You could hack that into urbackup using scripts, because urbackup scripts can backup anything that comes from stdout.

It’s better to backup databases as dump (aither backup the file our use a script and dump to stdout then let urbackup scripts capture that),
Simply backup files as files
Setup some good deploy tool, so that you can restore a full computer using your deploy tool, then the files/db inside it.

Remember that for example, you can t dump an ext4 filesystem, you’d need to put it into an lvm and then capture the lvm for it to be consistant. And thats not a urbackup limitation, that comes from ext4 itself.

Hi Orogor,

My OS disk of all machines are around 100 GB, the data disk is around 4TB, I think I have read that datto is supported by urbackup and needs to be installed on linux machine and image backup is possible for linux machines.

Also I will rephrase my question, my underlying scale-out nas storage has XFS filesystem where all the backups are stored, my only question is, are there any other image format supported other than vhd as it has the limitation of 2TB and I think that urbackup can backup beyond that but it cannot because of the image format that’s being using.

It there a way to add support formats like .raw instead of VHD?

Also if linux image backup is not supported then what about windows machine?

Built in, for images backup it is only vhd/vhdz on windows with a limitation of 2TB.
Dattodb increase consistency , but it isn’t an image backup per see.