Navingting past the installation Icebergs

Hi, I’m in the process of teaching myself Linux, which has to be CentOS sadly - I thought SUSE was looking good but want to run an app that is only supported under Cent.

I am really struggling with Installing the client; I wanted to do it onto a clean machine; I don’t see how I even begin to start. It looks as if I need to compile it, but I’ve never done that, let alone on a VPS with no local access. I was hoping to have been able to enter a single command line entry via my SSL client able to uploading whatever was required to get the Linux client onboard; ie complete with a URL to a “ready to roll” resource which would then get dragged up onto my VPS which I could then run an installer for.

I wanted to get this working before I uploaded my app because I know that will start closing down ports, so I want to prove urbackup on a base build machine first.

So I found a line if the urbackup documentation which could be pasted into my SSL client and lots of good things seemed to happen. The server can now see the client, but when I click on full backup (either file or image), the server reports a failure. It says “Starting backup failed”. It gives no clues as to why. Is it a permission problem ? is the software not properly installed ?

I’ve never been asked for any user credentials (only a username for my local logon to the server “app” on my local desktop; I suspect this only protects the local app - it is not authenticating with the client via a username/pwd method.

Are there any steps for dummies how I can get the remote agent (ie client) functioning on this VPS ?