Multiple Paths to backup - failed when path not found

Just started to use urbackup last week - so far, I’m very impressed! :slight_smile:

I currently have a fleet of laptops I’m trialling it on. Some are a based on an older standard that we used to have, that had D:\Users as the main userprofile location. 70% of the fleet are on the newer standard, where we only have a single partition

I attempted to put C:\Users; D:\Users, to catch both locations, but I’m finding clients fail to start their backup if the D: Drive doesn’t exist

Is this possible?

I wonder if $USERPROFILE$ would work for your case?

does that work in the config?

I’m actually more surprised that it doesn’t just fail gracefully, if a path isn’t found…

instead, it aborts the whole backup!

You can make it not fail if the directory does not exist. See .

Perhaps C:\Documents and Settings points to the correct path respectively. If yes, I guess you could configure it to backup that.

Oh great! thanks for that - optional will do just nicely!

Slowly working through all the options, and documentation!

ok… so I think I must have the syntax incorrect…

I added this to the settings:

and now all clients have this:

Cannot get volume for path “D:\Users/follow_symlinks,symlinks_optional,share_hashes,optional”. The system cannot find the file specified. (code: 2)

reading the documentation, and examples, it LOOKS correct…

i think you need a backup name and the separator is a pipe | no slash /

maybe look at

Like what orogor said:

So instead of it being:


It will be:


thanks… it looks like that works…

I guess, upon re-reading the documentation, it DOES say this… so my bad… but it could be a bit clearer…

from the previous paragraph, the | pipe and name is only needed if you want to have a nicer/friendly name for your backup paths (something I didn’t care about)…

but a little extra emphasis that if you want to use an option flag, that backup name then becomes mandatory, would be good! :slight_smile:

urbackup is really working well here… 20 odd clients, and backups have levelled off at around 1tb… which is very nice… meaning that the auto cleanups must be working!