Moving urbackup database files (windows_

Have added an SSD to our server which is E: drive and we would like to move the internal database files here to make use of the great IO.

Found this: Change location of internal urbackup db but that is for a linux server and is for symbolically linking the entire /var/urbackup folder. I just want urbackup to look for the database files on E: drive instead of C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup

Does anyone know how to do this?


Why don’t you install the program to E: instead of C:. It is an easy solution and you don’t have to deal with linking.

Windows understands symlinks, after al UrBackup uses them extensively for the backups themselves. Have you considered just stopping server, moving the files to E:\Foo<database files> then using MKLINK.exe to symlink back to the original location? Long as you’re using NTFS as the file system I’d think it should work. I’ve not tested, or looked at what files you’d need to move by name though. mklink /? will give you the syntax for options, I had to use it recently to recreate a load that broke in a WampServer installation (wasn’t reading/updating php.ini)

Thanks BB, I ended up using MKLINK on the entire urbackupserver folder, seems to work ok. Would prefer an actual method from in the software though