Move clients to new server without moving backups

I’ve been looking for a way to move clients to a new server without moving the data. There are about 70 clients so reinstalling on each client isn’t really an option and the storage on the old server crashes when after moving a couple of TB so I really can’t move that either. I moved the DB and configs and the new server can see the clients but it fails at starting backups(even full file) because it can’t see the previous backups. I basically want it to start from scratch, i’ll keep the old one around for anything else, but I need it to take over the clients.

I don’t think that you wanted to move the database.

In this case, you just needed to setup the config on the clients to be able to connect to the new server, and they’d start new backups from scratch. Copying over the database complicates that, as far as I can see.