Migrating data storage, recommendations?

About to set up a new data store (increased capacity).

It will be NTFS since I’m running on Windows Server 2012 R2.
Wondering if you had any specific recommendations regarding the following:

Should I enable NTFS compression on the target folder?
When formatting the drive would you suggest the default options or should I use the /L switch? It’s apparently recommended to avoid issues if the volume gets heavily fragmented to avoid getting errors of the type:

The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation

Has anyone seen that error with UrBackup? Or am I worrying without reason?

Since it’s available is using the native Windows deduplication a good idea?

Looking at the administration manual I see you’re already recommending formatting with large FRS enabled for Vista.

However looking at this Microsoft document:
I read the following:

Formatting requirements for large files

To allow proper extension of large .vhdx files, there are new recommendations for formatting volumes. When formatting volumes that will be used with Data Deduplication or will host very large files, such as .vhdx files larger than 1 TB


Enables support for large file record segments (FRS). This is needed to increase the number of extents allowed per file on the volume. For large FRS records, the limit increases from about 1.5 million extents to about 6 million extents.

So it would seem that

Format Drive: /FS:NTFS /L

Also applies for later Windows versions, I believe it has become the default in Server 2019.

I also appear to have partially answered my own question …