Make install doesnt compile succesfully for urbackup server on freenas jail

So what worked for me was installing the pkgconf package and run the following commands:

pkgconf --cflags-only-other libcryptopp
make clean
make install -j4
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Still failing for me even after trying this set of commands.

I just updated to 2.3.8 without issue. You need the cryptopp-5.6.5_4.txz file in the root folder. Send me a PM i’ll send you the file.

pkg update
pkg upgrade
pkg install curl
pkg add -f cryptopp-5.6.5_4.txz

Download the latest urbackup and copy it to the root folder

tar zxvf urbackup-server-xxxxx.tar.gz # choose the right name
cd to the folder
make install -j4