Linux server post image backup scripts? (and status of v1.5)

Sort of two related questions for me.

  1. I have a linux urbackup server and want to run a script after each full image backup is finished. I saw somewhere in the documentation about /etc/urbackup/prefilebackup, but a) there isn’t a urbackup folder in /etc on my system, and b) I’m doing an image backup, not a file backup. What I’m trying to accomplish is to create a always updated hard link to the latest full image file.

  2. How long until we see v1.5 relased? Specifically interested in the raw copy-on-write format for rotating image backups.

a) You’d have to create it. And I think it is /var/urbackup/post_full_filebackup and /var/urbackup/post_incr_filebackup. I only added that for testing, but I think I might add the full set with documentation with the next major version.

b) I’ll post an update on that in the blog. The raw copy-on-write format already works, but I will put every image in a subvolume (to be done).

An update in the blog would be great. I was just wondering because I hadn’t seen anything since late last year, and it looks like the code up on Sourceforge hasn’t been changed since March, so I wasn’t sure if it was done and still in testing, or there was an issue, or maybe you just got busy doing other things, so I thought I’d ask.