Issues after server 2.4.9/client 2.4.8 upgrade

Good Day,

  1. Since upgrading to 2.4.9/client 2.4.8 upgrade, new clients no longer download client settings(exclude from backup(with wildcards)) from the server.
  2. Backups always hangs on clients that picks up as IPv6, I there a way to disable IPv6 Feature?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated on the matter

I have the same problem like mrphefo01:
“Backups always hangs on clients that picks up as IPv6”

how can I disable ipv6 at the urbackup linux server?

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Hi Blackwolf,

The workaround solution for my IPv6 issue, I disabled IPv6 on the UrBackup Server. I hope it also work for you, Goodluck :+1:t3:

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Seams to work with disabled IPv6 on the UrBackup Server. Hopefully that urbackup supports soon a disable button for the new added ipv6 feature.

thank you

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I only just did setup urback and I do have the same problem as described here, clients using ipv6 I cant start a backup, 3 of 5 clients picked ipv4 and the other ipv6 whyever.

Is there any other solution to fix that beside turning ipv6 off on the server, because that is not an option for me.

I traced one failing backup issue (on a Windows network) to the case where the Client was using the link-local (fe80:: ) address for the Server instead of the IPv4 or IPv6 static addresses assigned. I had to uninstall and reinstall the Client to get it to attach to the Server’s IPv4 address instead. Restarting the services or rebooting the client didn’t help.

Is your network dual stack or IPv6 only? What IP address is shown on the Status for the Client? What is the DNS address of the Server? Does the Server have a static address?