Issue during restore mysql backup



I’ve below infrastructure for taking backup.
Server: Windows 2012 server
Client: Centos 6.5.

I’ve successfully taken mysql backup in server as with file name ‘mariadbdump.sql’ but when I’m going to restore it then it showing below logs in both client and server log file.

2018-07-12 11:05:44: ERROR: Cannot open “\urbackup_backup_scripts/mariadbdump.sql” for writing. No such file or directory (code: 2)
2018-07-12 11:05:44: ERROR: Error while downloading files during restore

And my mysql configuration file: /usr/local/etc/urbackup/mariadbdump.conf is set as below:


#Enable MariaDB dump backup
#Backup user account
#Backup user password

Anybody can help me for short out this issue.

Thank You


Best just download the file via browser or by copying it from the backup storage.

You can probably redirect it somewhere via --map-from /urbackup_backup_scripts --map-to /tmp or something, though I have never tried that.