Is there a limit to exlusions?


I currently have quite a large list of excluded files/folders in my backups:


I need to add all of these as well:


So my questions:

  1. is there a limit to the number exclusions you can set?
  2. Is there a better way to write the rules? i.e could I do:


instead of 3 different rules? Does it even make a difference?



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There is no limit. Might cause performance problems at some point :wink:

No, it is only basic glob syntax (plus : for everything except path separator).

I’d be more specific, i.e. */more*.html looks a bit to generic to me. But up to you, of course.

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Thanks. Thats a shame there isn’t more control on the exclusion rules - it would be nice if it has (even basic) regexes, like \d+ .

Unfortunatly with the more*.html its a bit tricky. We have pages like more2.html, all the way up to more123.html (for example), so its impossible to add all of those in as exclusions :frowning:

There is infinite control over exclusions, inslusions and everything else. Just write your own script to execute backup, where you can do anything you like. Schedule it properly and you will be delighted. I’ve done that for one of my “special needs” server and it works as I wanted it.

Thanks Robert. Do you have an example? What language is it in?