Interval for incremental file backups not taking affect

File Backup settings as they relate to file backups:

  • Interval for incremental file backups: 24 hours
  • Interval for full file backups: 14 days

I left my workstation (greatheart) w/ attached storage device for backups offline for a couple days, so obviously my laptop (sheba) could not backup to it. I don’t know if that caused this issue or not.

Primary issue: Why do I have two incremental backups within less than 24 hours? (compare ID 7 and 8)

Secondary issue: When I barely change any files from day to day, why is the used storage for incremental backups so high? (triple digits) I literally save a doc here and there and mainly just use the web on my laptop (sheba) which gets backed up. And even then only the following folders get backed up:

  • C:\jrwilmoth (my docs folder that has docs that change maybe a few times a week)
  • C:\Ministries (a general purpose folder that changes once or twice a year)
  • C:\Users\jwilmoth (my profile w/ included Google Drive and Dropbox folder)

Can you have a look at the client specific settings on the server? The value there is what the server is using, even if it is greyed out.

Which version are you using?

The Profile folder usually includes some cache dirs, user registry database, etc. and can cause the backup size of ~500MB.

Thanks for the reply.

The version I am using is UrBackup Server 1.4.0 Rev. 9625d6ac64.

Here is a picture of the client settings: