Internet Settings Keep Getting Blanked Out


I have a client that is backing up to a local server and an internet server.

The backups to the local server are working fine.

But when I enter the internet settings on the client the internet server name keeps getting blanked out and the port reset to 55414 instead of the correct port number.

I can reset these settings but they soon get blanked out again.

The new settings had appeared to work a few days ago and the backup to the internet server started but when I checked again today I found the internet settings blanked out again. Checking the internet server I see the client got to 29% complete before stopping.

What it should be


What it keeps reverting to



This is what is shown on the status when the backup fails and the internet server name and port settings are reset. Note that it shows the correct server details for the internet but also shows “No internet server configured”



Quite odd that it says No Internet server configured at the bottom - I have not used this in internet mode so it could be a false hit.


Set the internet server server side , on both local and internet server.
When a client connect to one, it will copy it s setting, so if you don t set an internet server on the local server, it will become blank.


OK I didn’t realise that. I have now set up the local backup server with the internet settings the same as the remote internet server and all is working. Setting it up like this seems a bit unintuitive but it works now.



I had the same problem.