Internet\Active Clients Code

Settings → Internet\Active Clients → Intternet/active restore authentication key:

Can you change this pre-generated code? I typed in a different code hit save and it did not change.

I have multiple sites and I would like to standardize the code across the sites. Something complex of course but something that I can save in my password manager and have available.

Running on windows server 2019 std, UrBackup Version 2.5.27

still looking for an answer

Why do you want to reduce security? The authentication key is deliberately different for each internet Client. This means a compromised/infected system can’t be used to read the backups of all other systems, nor can it push code to other systems using a hostile restore.

If you want your computers to be more vulnerable, please choose a different backup product.

Do you speak for UrBackup? Are you the creator\owner\developer? I was looking for a way to simplify the process, as these backups are behind a firewall and not publicly accessible. Nor am I worried about the items that I am backing up being compromised as this backup is more for convenience.

Perhaps this reminder is required

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