Installation Key Preservation

Hi All…

I’ve Tryed To Upgrade/Test The 1.5 UrBackup Server Beta But I’ve Lost My Original Key Since I’ve Removed The Server… And I’ve Not Read All The FAQ/Documentations Online (my fault I know) :wink:

Can Be Implemented A Way To Keep The Original .key .pub Files So If I Install A New Version Or I Reinstall The Older One The Server Can Reuse The Original Key Without Generate A Now One?

I Think About An Option In Setup/Installer:

[x] Use Found/Already Present Security Key

Or An Option On The Uninstaller Like:

[x] Keep Security Key For Reinstalling

Thanks… :smile:

If you install a new version you should not uninstall it first. I’ll add the identity keys to the nightly backup, though.

…Thanks uroni :smile:

The Problem Originated Because I’ve Tryed To Install The New Version (1.5 beta) Over The Old One (1.4.5) But Was Not Updated Since Still Was Showing 1.4.4 Version On WebInterface So I’ve Removed The "not working 1.5 beta) And Reinstalled The Working 1.4.5 … :smile:

PS: Updating From 1.4.4 To 1.4.6 Worked Fine…

Good Work…