Incremental File Backup

While trying to figure out why the server is losing space I decided One of 3 machines to stop File backups. I enter 0 for min and 0 for max file incremental counts. I starting getting Incremental backups every 5 minutes after changing to those settings. So then I removed the paths I had wanted to backup and that seems to have stopped incremental backups from that machine as expected.

Why didn’t you just turn off file backups?

I do not see that option on the client ? I am using ver 1.4.14. I am most curious as to why incrementals started every 5 minutes with 0 and 0 settings

I am confused I thought removing backup directories stopped the incremental backup every 5 minutes I was wrong started again. SO how do you turn of file backups? on this machine only ?

While setting that option to 0 on both should stop it, it is better to do what @john3354 said and just disable your backups.

While in your web-interface, if you go into your Settings ribbon tab, you will find - at the top of the screen - [General | Mail | Users] [DropDown Box]

  1. Click open the DropDown Box
  2. Select the machine you want to edit
  3. Go into your File Backup ribbon tab in the middle section of the page.
  4. Next to both of your File Full and File Incremental Backups should be a check-box to disable the backups from occuring. (This applies for Images too, but must be specified in the Image Backup ribbon tab)

I do not know why setting that feature to [0] on each setting made it start an incremental every 5 minutes; maybe that is something that you should look at in your settings to see if you accidentally set your backup time to [0.084] - I don’t think it liked anything but whole numbers, but you never know.

If you cannot figure out the 5 minute thing, once you return everything to normal, you may want to get @uroni’s attention towards this.

My guess is that setting it to zero short circuited the wait logic causing it to just constantly run. @uroni could answer better. I am not even sure where all of that is at in the code.

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Ok I see if I go to server how to stop file backups. I was refering to Client settings, I changed the interval for File backup to 0 which I believe triggered the once every 5 minute backup. I apparently incorrectly thought that the client had the option to stop backups from the client interface.

So again I changed the client setting Interval for incremental file backup to 0 ( put back to 24 hours)
I also changed Min and Max of incremental to 0 thinking nothing would be done. I also removed all paths to backup thinking also if there is no backup target it would just exit.

Sadly, it’s a server-side only thing.

Well, setting your backup timer to 24 (from 0) hours at least unraveled that other mystery.

I also think that there is no way to necessarily remove the backup path - easily - once there is one in the box. I mean, another thing that I can think of to stop backups on a client is to make the path backup an empty directory.

Like: C:\FalseDirectory and the FalseDirectory would have nothing in it, or at the very least a 1KB file.

Edit: Alternatively, does setting your backup intervals to (-1) prevent backups, or does it just reject the input because it is a negative number?

Of just kill and disable the client service. Or, uninstall.

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I still want image backups. And I did set interval from 24 hours to -1 and it took it. I have it email on file backups after 40 minutes no email. I also took your advise and created empty folder trammell.

I believe images contain full disk ( minus DRM crap). For this machine I am working with only changes are from windows updates as TV recordings are not backed up ( DRM) Yes I know how to fix that if I wanted to.