Incorrect data shown in the statistics

Good morning,

First, give my congratulations for the urBackup software, is a great tool and very easy to use!

I would like to ask about the Statistics section of the web interface. In the table under storage allocation, I see two computers with a file size of 5 and 4TB. This is impossible because it does not take up more than 70GB on the server with the maximum incremental file backups and maximum full file backups made.

What mean exactly the data in that table? Is the space to be occupied in the future by counting the number of full file backups and incremental file backups configured in the settings? Because, this it isn’t possible. Or maybe, my server returns incorrect data for some reason?


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I have the same problem, some computers show size with TB, which is impossible, is there any expalaination and how to resolve it to have the right storage allocation size?

Thank you :slight_smile:

This has been rewritten in 2.0.x, so you should try this version.

It still incorrectly reports the size if the files are compressed by the file system or if you use btrfs cow-raw image backups.