Image backup hung(?) for 7 days, but no alert

I’m new to URBackup. I have 7 Windows servers doing image backups once a day (that will be a separate question at some point, how to do multiples in a day) on local network to a Windows server.
I was just checking things over and on the status page one server shows “last image backup 05/10/21 13:23” and all the rest are current with todays date 05/17.
If I look at the “live log” for that server it shows
05/11/21 16:13 DEBUG Getting client settings…
05/11/21 16:13 DEBUG Sending backup incr interval…
and a little swirly GIF.
So to me it looks like the backup is hung. How do I get an alert for this kind of thing, this would be bad if I was just relying on alerts.

Alert settings are:
Alert script: default
Number of times the image backup interval after which the image backup status is set to not ok = 3
My email address
nag level 0

I have gotten email before so I know that’s set up correctly.