HTTP Request rate limit at SCALEWAY

I’m not quite used to it yet.

I’ve restarted and I’m waiting…

Current action:

Getting storage size…

Is it long ?

Okay, so I tested a bit and it seems to not carry over the old encryption key. In your case it probably generated a new one… that won’t work (you’ll probably get an error at some point).

I’ll fix this with an update. There should also be proper sharding in this update. If you are knowledgabe in the browser debug tools you could unhide the “encryption_key” input and enter the old encryption key there.

I don’t find my old key

Is it at or has it been overwritten :frowning:

I know.

I can’t go without backup.
I would like to restart the backup with several buckets without using the one with the old backup.

Do I have to delete all backups for each client for this to work?

Did you get the old encryption key? If yes, I’d use the the web debug inspector visibility trick to work-around the missing encryption key. Otherwise you can’t access the backups anymore… then you could setup a new bucket and add another one once the new bucket gets full. If you want to use the current server, login via web console after the new empty storage is mounted, login as admin and run sudo -i then systemctl stop urbackup-server && urbackupsrv remove-unknown && systemctl start urbackup-server.

I have proper sharding in the works but if you can find a better S3 provider… S3 really should be scalable by itself and not with some work-arounds…

no I don’t get the old Key. I understand about S3

I’m starting over with one bucket.

Is it possible tu purge all backups of client without deleting client ?

I’m stuck on Mount operation in progress. Backup storage will become available shortly. after changing the settings and rebooting.

Backups are in progress. I’ll wait for the upgrade to use multiple buckets.

I understand better how urbackup works

Thanks for your time.


I just got back from vacation.I would like to create a new Infscape application with multiple buckets to test.

Have you solved the problem of multiple buckets and encryption keys for storage volumes?