HP Z840 restore using USB "ping issue"

I’m new to this forum but I’m testing Urback up for a month now. It serves my main goal which is to full and incremental backup my PC’s. However in restoring image via CD or USB, it worked for some machine while in HP Z840 can’t. After I manually input the IP settings and domains, it says network connected but I can’t ping any IP on the same subnet. Same goes when I try to ping the about to restore PC from other computer. Is there any configuration missing? Thank you.

  • John


You will have to get more specific in your question. If I am reading it right you are attempting to restore an image that Urbackup created to a HP Z840 workstation via bootable USB or CD, correct?

You did not include what the OS is of the image you are restoring. Nor the type of LAN connection on the workstation, wireless / wired?



Hi Wes,

Sorry about the incomplete info. I’m able to figure out the issue. It’s the physical network connection. After I plug the cable to second computer LAN port, I’m able to see the urbackup server.

My next question is, can I force urbackup to use the 1st wired LAN instead of the 2nd port? I’m restoring windows image.

Thank you.