How to reinstall CBT client and mantaining his backups?



Due to a software problem I have to reinstall the operative system of one of my servers (Windows Server 2012), in which is isntalled the CBT client.
After OS reinstallation, I want to reinstall CBT client but mantaining all his backups on the UrBackup server. Is neccesary to take in consideration any special settings, or I can install CBT directly and it will assume that the server is the same? (Is the same computer name).

Thank you


I’m not expert by any means, but my instinct says “download preconfigured client” if you can’t just restore a recent image which would restore with it installed already.


If it associates with the same server (you probably only have one server…) there shouldn’t be any problems if it has the same computer name.


Ok, thank you all :wink: