How to determine client metrics via API

I am using the API to pull data around client backup metrics. I would like to know how much was backed up, how long it took and how much space was saved via client side compression in transit and also how much storage space was saved via dedupe. Some of the numbers are not making logical sense (See below).

API live log gets the below metric.

  • Is any of this indicative of the total backup size?

  • How was the file size before compression smaller than after?

239.114 MB of files were already present on the server and did not need to be transferred
Transferred 10.0283 MB - Average speed: 133.488 KBit/s
Before compression: 8.65794 MB ratio: 0.86335

API client backup info for the same backup:

  • What do size_bytes and total_size represent? Some clients even have a ‘-1’ in the total_size field.

archived : 0
backuptime : 1612440618
cloud_archive_timeout : 0
disable_delete : True
id : 8224
incremental : 46
repl_from_name :
size_bytes : 7868492103
total_size : 10598898363

Backup log:

  • Total bytes transferred should be about the amount of additional storage used directly after the backup was finished
  • Usually the compression does reduce the amount transferred. Weird that it didn’t in your case. Maybe backup a bit more?

Backup list:

  • size_bytes/used bytes: The goal is to show how much storage would be freed by deleting the backup
  • total_size (appliance only): Sum of all file sizes in the backup. Currently there is an issue with this being wrong/missing after a resumed backup. I’ll increase the priority of fixing this if this is an issue for you

Its not a huge issue. It would be nice to be able to report on what was backed up and what in that backup was already present and deduped so didn’t need to be transferred.

I’ve had a number of other clients reporting that the compressed/transferred data was larger than the data set on disk. I am waiting on more backups to complete to see if that is a trend going forward or something that is only present on initial backup.