How to back up the Urbackup Server installed on a Windows PC

How do you recommend backing up the Urbackup server which is installed on a Windows PC? It backs up other PCs, but it needs to be protected, too.

I believe that some people have suggested that you make another server to backup the original; alternatively, you could manually copy your folders onto another drive.

I missed an important post. It confirms that you can install both UrBackup Server and Client on the same Windows machine:
UrBackup Server and Client are now running on our Windows 10 development machine.
The trickiest part for me was configuring UrBackup Server to have permission to use a Synology NAS folder as its destination. That is covered by a FAQ:
To get the NAS destination working, create a Windows User account, making it an Administrator, on the UrBackup Server machine. Use the same username and password as a user created on the NAS. The NAS user needs read/write permissions on the shared folder on the NAS for UrBackup backups.
Open Services on the UrBackup Server, right-click on the UrBackup Server service, edit the Properties, entering the user and password in the Logon tab. Right-click on the UrBackup Server service and Restart the service.
By using a separate administrative user on the UrBackup Server solely for backups - a user account that is not logged onto any computer, you gain some protection against malware that might otherwise be able to access a shared folder on the NAS.