How many days do I wait?

Recently installed UrBackup on my TrueNAS server. I understand that after installing the client software on my Windows PC that the server will eventually see it and start the backup process. How many days does it take before it starts this process?

about 10 to 15 minutes at the outside.

Okay then. What/how do I troubleshoot why it is not starting?

Have you restarted the Client to be sure the services all load in the correct sequence?

I uninstalled and reinstalled. Same results.

Chapter 5 in the Admin Manual.
Search this forum. It comes up regularly

Well that’s not reassuring.

Restarting the server has worked for me to get a client working.

Otherwise, urbackup is so quick to start backing up a new client I don’t get a chance to andjust its settings, which can be annoying.

Is this (client) and Windows PC? What profile is the network in?

Client. Got it to start, but now I’m dealing with a different problem.