How do you open/assemble from incremental backup images?

Hello, I just started using UrBackup recently. I have all backups working as I’d like.

As for restoring/recovering files, I tried pulling files out of my FULL IMAGE backup and that worked as expected, I was able to decompress with the script included, and then open with 7-zip and navigate/extract files as needed.

However, with incremental backups, I extract them and it only yields one large 4TB image file which I am unable to extract because it’s larger than the drive it was created/backed up from. I did some more research and found you have to assemble them from the last full backup. I’m guessing it’s the assemble_image script included?

I could not seem to get it to work at all though after targeting the FULL and latest incremental. I can’t remember the error it gave me. What format does the full image and incremental need to be in? I attempted assembling as a .vhd

EDIT: I read some more into the manual and found that it wants you to select the “image_c” and the “sysvol” and it will assemble based on those.
Upon doing that I get this (using an incremental image_c and sysvol)