How do I remove drives from the config?

I’m new to UrBackup, still finding my way around.

My server is set to backup ALL volumes by default, and on a Windows client, a backup started before I realised I didn’t want my E: and H: drives included. I removed them from the machine, but now when I ask for a full backup, UrBackup is still looking for the E: and H: drives.
Where do I go to remove these drives from the config for that client?

Edit: I forgot to mention the server is on Linux.

Not sure what you mean by “removed them from the machine”. Do you mean you physically removed them from the computer?

I do all my settings from the GUI, ie I set paths to backup and also set paths to ignore (derectores/files to NOT backup within the included backup paths).

Also running my server on linux and backs up from both windows11 and linux.

Yes, they were hot-swap so I physically pulled them.
What confuses me is that I haven’t yet done a full image, so it’s not as if UrBackup is trying to compare to an existing backup and realising there are drives missing. I would just expect UrBackup to try again from scratch. I can only presume that either the server or the client has created a config somewhere, even though a backup has never been completed.
I could of course (in my case) just uninstall and reinstall the client (as there is no backup reference to lose) and see if that works, but that wouldn’t be ideal if I already had backups. Perhaps - as you suggest - the alternative is to use excludes for those drives that don’t exist…!

I think you are better off just uninstalling and adding a “new” client from the webgui.