Ho do you "add" clients?

Hi, new server install, new client install… server sees client but says “server rejected”, how do i actually add clients then?

Hello, on the web page, go to Status → bottom right “Add new client”
You can then add client with the security key provided (if you installed client without pre-build exe) or you can input a name and the procedure will be given to you.


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We have abandoned testing, getting backup and restores working should never be this hard, this is the 3rd attempt in about 2 years for this software…

Sorry to hear that. Hope you will succeed some day.

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I had this problem too. Download all available versions HERE of the urbackup client and do not install the newest one right away, try the oldest one as well. One of the versions always catches on. After that, you just need to turn on the installation of the latest version and perform the upgrade. After the upgrade, the client should connect by itself without filling in data such as IP and Internet key. :slightly_smiling_face:

If only this didn’t work, try to delete server_idents from urbackup instal folder and restart urbackup service.