Help for Offline Pre Sync und Synthetic Full Backup needed

Hi Guys,

i am testing Urbackup at the moment as an alternative to my own devolped robocopy based File Backup.

My Testing Environment is a Server 2008R2 (Client) to Server 2012R2 which is running actually fine via "Over Internet Connection.

Now to the problems: Internet Connection is very slow as the first Server is stated on a small village.

Therefore my first question is: Does Urbackup support an offline Pre Sync via e.g USB HDD of the Data which has to be backed up?

The second question is: Is there a way to implement a Synthetic Full Backup and is there a best practice (if not only uncheck “Do full file backups over internet” if this is correct?)

Thank you and have a nice Weekend,


See e.g. here: Possibility to transfer data with usb-drive?

Actually incremental file backups always are what you probably consider synthetic file backups. Insofar you can simply always run incrementals. If you have the client-side hash calculation on, files already present on the server also won’t be transferred during full file backups.

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