Help cannot read mbr data

after restoring the image with the boot cd shows me the following error “cannot read mbr data”

Can you try, if it works with this one?

thank you very much for your answer but I think i´m pretty sure that is exactly the same that im used before. but let me try again.

I been Having this problem too, but due to that im new, and that i have not been at work this week i couldnt done more testing.

Is there any log or something on the restore that we analize or sabe before rebooting and testing if the Bare Metal restore worked ?

Thanks in advance


The are two logs in the /root directory when restoring.

To get those:

  • CTRL+ALT+F2 to get a console
  • sudo su to become root
  • cd /root; cat restore_mode.txt to show the log

Which server version are you using? In 1.4.6 a bug was fixed that caused the server to crash after the first image was restored. This could have caused the error described by the OP.